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Panorama Made using Photoshop – Lake Vegoritida

Lake Vegoritida Panorama using Photoshop and fixed exposure photos taken with my Nikon.



Exact Location:

Photomerge is a great functionality of photoshop to create panorama pictures as long as the source images have the same exposure, otherwise it gets confused. To get sequential photos with the same exposure i just half press the photo button on my nikon, so as to lock the exposure, and as i move my body form left to right i press it down with our fully releasing it though. This allows to photometer hust once, in the first photo, and take the rest of them with the same settings.

Now in Photoshop the process is automated. Just import the set of images using the correct menu.

Select the appropriate menu..

Photoshop Photomerge Menu
Photoshop Photomerge Menu

And import the set of pictures. Photoshop does the rest.

Photoshop Photomerge Menu
Photoshop Photomerge Menu

On the specific panorama i messed up the levels a bit.

How to Crop and Resize multiple scanned photos using photoshop

From time to time I discover in my stuff old photos from high school that need to be digitalized in order to be saved from my toddlers menace. ūüėÄ

 crop and resize multiple scanned photos using photoshopDoing this was some how tiresome because even though I have automated the scanning and saving, using a Dropbox linked scanner from Epson, the photos must be further processed in order to be up to my standards and get saved to my archive.

What I¬†used to do, is to manually crop and resize these photos using the crop tool from Photoshop.¬†I¬†did not know though, that Photoshop has already solved this under the File>Automate menu with the “Crop and Straighten Photos Menu”.

As soon as you open the scanned image/s in Photoshop and  run the process, Photoshop does it all for you, even when you have multiple images in the document.  All ready to be saved!

Saved my lots of time. Time to finally process those old scanned photos cluttering my Dropbox.