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Connect to Sqlite3 using python

The below snippet allows you to create an sqlite3 database and then import data to it.

import sqlite3

#this connects and creates the database.db file, in the same location where the script exists

conn = sqlite3.connect(database.db)
c = conn.cursor()

#execute the create table
c.execute('''CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS mytable
(filename text,
language text, 
year text,
summary text,
rating real)''')

#this is the dataset i will save to database as a python list:

data=['','en','2018','This is a short summary of the video','3.8']

#get the data in the database
c.execute('INSERT INTO mytable VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)', data)

#close the connection

Udemy Online Certificates

udemy-logo-academyofyoublog[1]There is a huge discussion on whether the online training websites should provide a certificate of completion or not (here). I will not spend any time repeating all these that are mentioned in the above link. There is no point in doing it. From my side i totally agree that fast forwarding the udemy training videos does not prove anything. It does not prove that i am capable of taking great photos or web developing in dreamwaver or anything..but…

It felt real good when i finished my first udemy online training on the advanced photo taking techniques, and udemy sent me a certificate of completion.

After all, doesn`t google also provide a certificate of completion for watching  ten videos of how to set up analytics, and then a stupid questionnaire? Yes they do. So there is nothing big about it. It`s just a proof to your self, that you have made some progress with that.

Now if you start comparing udemy to other online courses that are affiliated with known universities (like coursera and stanford online), and for which you have to sit proper exams and communicate with the teacher and stuff.. Then I suppose the situation might be slightly different, but again, i doubt it if that is something i would but in my resume.. Of course i have not managed to finish any such course. Yet.